paintings by
yvonne nowicka-wright

art takes many forms®...

the surreal 

The eclectic gallery of bird-like women falls into the category of what father of Surrealism, 
Andre Breton, once proposed as a sort of absolute reality, of surreality and is largely confined to portraiture. The paintings subjective narration embody what another surrealist, Joan Miró once
noted about the movement: 
what really counts is to strip the soul naked.  

the inspired

the commissioned

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André Breton, Le Manifeste du Surréalisme. 1924

We are still living under the reign of logic, [...] 
but logical methods are applicable only to solving problems of secondary interest. 
[...] Under the pretence of civilization and progress, we have managed to banish from
the mind everything that may rightly or wrongly be termed superstition, or fancy.

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