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The artist's language of visualization draws on the legacy of Surrealism, where fantasy and pastiche
play an integral part
. Whether in paintings, drawings or lithographs, the techniques applied privilege
 narrative of the line; a style of calculated precision that aims at conveying a storyOften small in size
formats preferred
 by the artist, acquire a unique relationship with their viewers, revealing themselves more intimately at closer inspection.
 In digital mixed-media works, the unbounded world of textures and values is often negotiated through the atmospheric properties of light and shadow. 

Art takes many forms®... it inspires,
decorates, comforts and communicates - 
ut most importantly, art indulges our senses
and enriches our soul.

Any copying, altering, or commercial redistribution of any of the images without written permission
from the artistYvonne Nowicka-Wright, is strictly prohibited and protected by all International Copyright Laws.

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About the Artist

From a rewarding career in fine art encompassing international awards and works in public collections, to the corporate world of retail advertising, and recently, academia, Yvonne Nowicka-Wright's passion for creative and intellectual inquiry has been channeled on many levels. She holds a Master of Art degree in art history, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing.  In 2014, Nowicka-Wright published her first book Seduced by Form: Aesthetics of Spectacle in Contemporary Art Museum Architecture. available on 

Joseph Conrad,  1897

“A work that aspires, however humbly, to the condition of art should carry its justification 
in every line."

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